Sunshine Shehee Payne Scholarship

Sunshine Shehee Payne graduated from college in 1940 at a time when few positions were open to women. Emulating her three first cousins who were bright, warm, loving, and moral young ladies, had deep spiritual faith, Sunshine became a school teacher.

She says, "Teaching was easy in those days. There was no violence on campuses. Students respected their teachers and behaved accordingly. Most of the students were from traditional families with a father and a mother who assumed responsibility for their children."

A firm believer in God, she often shares stories of how her beloved sister, Nancy, is a gift from God born through the miraculous power of prayer; the powerful life defining moment with the man who would become her future husband; and the testing of her faith during her mother's illness.

An anonymous quotation she read years ago is a beacon in her life, "Be kind. Everyone is carrying a cross."

Sunshine was married more than 50 years to the late Rear Admiral Charles N. Payne. They were blessed with three wonderful children: Priscilla, Cherry and Henry. She has two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

This endowed scholarship is established in recognition of her commitment and desire to help deserving young people obtain a good education to become successful in their careers and personal lives.

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