Let’s Help Dan Hall Get The Lung Treatment He Needs

Dan has a terminal lung condition that is due to long-term exposure to a toxic burn pit in Iraq. His diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis has been devastating to his family.

Dan, a retired Navy Commander, is 100% disabled (combat-related), because of his injuries. 

He is seeking medical treatment not currently offered in the USA for his condition. Unfortunately, it takes years for FDA to approve new treatments. These are years that Dan does not have. His military medical insurance only covers FDA approved treatments and only treatments in the USA (where he lives). 

To receive treatment outside the USA, he and his family must pay the entirety of those expenses.

Your help will lighten the load carried exclusively by his family.

He is not waiting to raise the funds before starting this treatment.

CCTF has set up this page to offer our friends an opportunity to help. You can give either by PayPal or via Credit Card. 

Dan is just one of tens of thousands of veterans who are victims of toxins generated by the burn pits. These burn pits caused debilitating illnesses that include rare cancers, thyroid disorders, toxic brain injury, pulmonary disease and lymphoma. 

The Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry, which was set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2014 (for research purposes only) currently has more than 231,000 veterans signed up, but it is thought that the true number of US military personnel that have been exposed could be far higher.

A bill that would force the VA to accept responsibility for the lung injuries caused by these burn pits has failed to make it out 2 congresses. The Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Act of 2020, S.2950, is the current bill, based on an earlier concept, that would help veterans cut through red tape in the Department of Veterans Affairs disability claims process by conceding exposure to burn pits for certain locations.

Help Us Help Dan Hall

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MARCH 13 – JUNE 30


Recently, on March 1, The U.S. Supreme Court has signaled that it is considering a case involving a Texas state trooper who claims he lost his job after deploying to Iraq and becoming sick as a result of exposure to burn pits.

However, while the slow wheels of progress and approval within the Courts, FDA, VA, and Congress turn, Dan needs this treatment today.

Dan served for 24 years on active duty serving both the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Had it not been for his injury, he would still be on active duty. 

He and his wife of 37 years have five sons, two daughters-in-law, and ten (yes, 10) grandchildren. 

Updates about Dan’s treatment will be posted here. Please visit back often to read them.

Thank you for your love, concern, and help.

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